All About

The Artist

I am Judy Orlin and my passion is art, color, and design. I worked a long career in technology and management consulting during which I traveled extensively in the USA, Europe, and Mediterranean countries including England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, and Turkey.

I have always been conscientious and enjoyed my work but my joy and fulfillment was spending time learning about the arts in each country. When I retired I (like many of us) was a bit lost and tried private consulting and short technology jobs but found myself at loose ends and not enjoying life very much.


The Glass

Dichroic glass is featured in much of our glasswork. Dichroic glass shines and shimmers. It reflects and absorbs light and it changes color as it moves around in the sunlight. It comes in many tones and textures and can be solid, powdered (frit), and foil.

Dichroic literally means “two colored.” It is derived from the Greek words “di” for two, and “chroma” for color. It was thus named because of its fantastic multicolored and reflective properties. When you look at this glass, it appears to have more than one color at the same time, especially when viewed with different lighting. This reflective phenomenon is known as thin-film physics, which is also why you see swirling rainbow patterns in a soap bubble, floating colors from oil on water and the dramatic colors of dragonfly wings.


The Process

The breadth of colors, texture, transparencies, and sheen of the fusible and dichroic glass available today makes it possible to create stunning designs and process them into truly elegant artwork. In addition to the pieces representing real things, some pieces are made just because I find the color, design, and balance irresistible. But no matter what the inspiration is they are all designed to become miniature works of artistry and elegance. The process I use to make these creations is not simple.