Necklaces and Pendants

Necklaces have a fixed length. Regardless of the size or design of a necklace, each one has basically 3 components: the right side, the left side, and the center jewelry piece. The right and left sides must be the same length to hang properly on the neck. If one side is shorter, the center will be pulled and offset to that side. The only way to make a necklace longer is to add an “enhancer” which will attach to the ends of each side and add equal length on both sides.

Pendants can be worn on any chain or cord and will always hang correctly at the center of the chain. Pendants are attached either by a bail (the metal component either glued or soldered onto the pendant to provide a loop for stringing the chain or cord through), a ring strung through a hole in the glass, or looped through a piece of glass with a large opening by design.




NOAgems earrings are generally smaller pieces of our art glass. They are usually made separately, but as a pair with the same glass and design. Because of the nature of glass work and the “independent mind” of the kiln, they will almost never be exactly the same. But that’s part of the fun of art glass. It’s never cookie cutter, and no one else will ever be wearing an exact match (including your two ears). Occasionally we will make a larger square or rectangle of glass and then cut it into pieces to make earrings or even an earring and necklace set. These are rare because they will often break during cutting or drilling, but we will always let you know when new ones become available.



Rings, rings, rings and things…. NOAgems rings are made from the same beautiful art glass as all our jewelry. Sometimes a piece will just cry out to be a ring rather than anything else. The sparkle and change color in different light. They are special and great for the person who wants to wear something different and eye-catching on their finger.

All our ring backs are gold or silver plated and the rings are sized, 5, 6, or 7. We don’t use adjustable rings because they tend to be base metal and some people get bad skin reactions from them.



Custom Orders

NOAgems will be offering unique jewelry you can design for yourself, friends, and loved ones. You will be able to choose from a wide selection of pre-fused pieces to combine in any configuration you want and with the addition of many available beads and spacers if desired.